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A Better You

A Better You – Your 7 days program to self-improvement

I seem to lost count on how many times I’ve read and heard of celebrity marriages failing almost left and right. Not that I care (and personally I don’t), it seems strange that we often see movie and TV stars as flawless people, living the fairy-tale life of riches and glamour. I suppose we all have to stop sticking our heads in the clouds and face reality.
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10 Smashing Tricks To Burn Yourself To (2)

10 Smashing Tricks To Burn Yourself To A Gorgeous Body

Most folks I know start off the New Year by making resolutions to lose weight and get in shape. often, this mission is often easier said than done. Some last a little longer than others, but for most, impetus starts to fizzle soon into the next buffet engagement.

Have no fear: ten delightful tricks / tactics can empower you to motivate your self to a better body. Whether you are looking to lose a lot or just a few pounds or you want to exercise more to tone your body, you can create an action plan that can help you stay motivated.
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Overcoming Stress: Seven Ways To Manage Stress In The New Year

Because of the fast paced nature of our society, overcoming or reducing stress has made it to the list of top ten New Year’s Resolutions.

Approximately 19 million Americans suffer from stress related illnesses. The hormone, cortisol, is released during stressful events. When stimulated constantly, over time, it can lead to mental disturbances and a risk of infection and disease. Learning to manage stress leads to healthier and happier living. Here are seven solutions for regulating stress.

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Workout Playlists

Tired of doing the same iPod shuffle every time you hit the gym? Plug into one of FITNESS’s exclusive music playlists, featuring favorites from celebrities, personal trainers, and editors. These MP3s will keep you pumped from warm up to cool down.

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The daily #Affirmation – what we all need for a healthier soul and body – #FitSoul

I read a book from Louise L. Hay and Cheryl Richardson – You can create an exceptional LIFE.

It’s not the first book, and need to say the first one was really helpful as well.

This time I thought I could share this with you and if we start to change our body we need to change our thinking as well.

“When you hate yourself, say mean things to yourself, tell yourself how ugly you are, … you start to feel uncomfortable. … You won’t enjoy anything in your day, and very little good will come to you” – L.L.Hay and C. Richardson – You can create an exceptional LIFE.

Try to start the day looking in the mirror and say yourself: “You look wonderful today” – even if the little voice says something else somewhere behind. “We’re having a terrific day today. All is well”

After a month telling this to yourself you will see a different person looking back ;) Good luck for the changing! It’s just you :)